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Become Youtuber

How to Get Paid as YouTuber 

1. Pick a category

All successful YouTubers have a Category of content.

2. Why - Content

you should be clear about why you're making that kind of content

3. Know your target audience

you need to get to know your target audience.

4. Know your competition

you really want to understand what already works well in your niche and what you can do to stand out from the crowd

5. Start a YouTube Page

Your Channel Page is like a storefront. It needs to suit your style and be tailored to your audience

7.  Create content calendar

Aim to plan your content at least a month in advance because you can be more consistent and more focused when you have a broader overview of your content output. 

8. Schedule Your videos in advance

Assuming you know who your watchers are, you can find out when they will be online looking for content

9. Reply to comments

Always reply to comments of your videos

10. Promote your Channel

Advertising , Cross Promotion, Networking is best way to promote the channel

Multiple Blue Rings

Be Patient as YouTuber