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“TRICODE” Be the Hero for Better World, INDIA’s New SuperHero In Upcoming Movie !!!

Yes !!!  You Heard Right India’s New Superhero Called “Tricode” Is on The Way.Automax Productions Now Working on Upcoming Sci-FI, Action, Superhero Film Called “TRICODE”

India’s First Digital Superhero Film “tricode” Directed by Aditya Prajapati Under The Banner of “Automax Production” Set To be Release in 2017. Aditya Who is Writer & director of Film. HE has Own Independent Vfx studio in jaipur where is work on his freelance work of animation & vfx. After the 8 years Spent in this Industry he decided to work on his own VFX Film. he also add that Script took 2 years work.

Now all Set to Be released in 2017. Almost Shooting Done of the film from all over india as well as outside of India.  Songs Are Nicely Done From MUMBAI.

Aditya working on the VFX Of film That is the key of the film. Motion Poster also Released Few weeks Back. you can  Watch it Here:

Film Is About the Comman Man Who Discover the Super Powers & become the Superhero. He can fly in the sky. Beat The Bad guys. Vishal Prajapat Is doing Superhero Role in it.

Official Facebook Page:
Official Website:

Written by Aditya P.

I am a Filmmaker as well as VFX Supervisor. Done VFX Proejcts Globally Now Doing Own Projects.

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