Beyond Redemption

Bruce Fontaine’s Canadian Action Packed Movie “Beyond Redemption” Worldwide Released

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Indie Filmmaker And Stunt Veteran Bruce Fontaine’s Action Packed Canadian Film ‘Beyond Redemption’ Worldwide Released.

Bruce Fontaine, stunt veteran of over 100 films Including I Robot, Fantastic Four, Medal of Honor: Airborne, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Sardaar Ji, Dragon Age II And Many Others (Hong Kong & Canada) and martial arts expert makes his Directorial Debut with his independent Canadian action film ‘Beyond Redemption’. The action film, shot in Vancouver, Canada with an almost entirely Asian Canadian cast, garnered. interest of more than twenty film distributors, virtually unheard of in Canadian independent film.

Within a month of showing to distributors, Bruce & his partner Phil Planta selected Hollywood based distributor Premiere Entertainment Group for worldwide representation. They were quickly picked up by Well Go USA for USA VOD release in January 3, 2017.

A first for an independent Canadian film. Well Go USA is an established distributor of top Asian films including those by Jackie Chan (Police Story 2016) and Donnie Yen (Ip Man 3). Beyond Redemption has sold Internationally with sales to major markets of China, India and across Asia.

Beyond Redemption


A weary Undercover Cop that must maintain his cover while trying to save the daughter of a notorious Triad Boss from becoming collateral damage in a sting operation gone wrong.

After successfully infiltrating the upper ranks of the Ching Tau Gang, undercover cop Billy Tong is brought in on a plan for a home invasion against a wealthy Chinese businessman that will give Billy the evidence he needs to bring down the gang & its ruthless leader, Big Brother Yuan.

Billy later learns that his ex-wife is pregnant & begins questioning his career choices. Although Billy realizes the need to put things right & prepare for his new family, his checkered past as a police officer.complicates his decision to simply be reassigned. Captain MacKay, Billy’s Superior officer, strikes a deal with Billy that involves completing the assignment, getting the evidence they need on Yuan, and then having him reassigned and promote him, reluctantly Billy agrees.

Beyond Redemption Gangsters - Don Lew as Yuan, Brian Ho as Billy Tong and Peter Chao as Wen Lo
Beyond Redemption Gangsters – Don Lew as Yuan, Brian Ho as Billy Tong and Peter Chao as Wen Lo

During the home invasion, the gang learns that their real target is a major Triad Dragon Head, Xi Long, and takes his daughter Tiffany hostage. Although Billy believes they are kidnapping Xi Long’s daughter simply for ransom, the reasons run much deeper. Xi Long is negotiating a major deal with a Middle Eastern arms dealer, something Big Brother Yuan’s is targeting for himself.

After an exchange is arranged, Billy is told that Big Brother Yuan wants to execute Tiffany in front of Xi Long drawing a line in the sand that Billy is not willing to cross. Billy hides the girl and finds himself taking on all sides in an effort to do what he knows to be right in an amazing battle to the finish!


Notes from the Director of Beyond Redemption

Beyond Redemption director
Director”Bruce Fontaine”

I started Beyond Redemption started on a literal whim. It had been my goal for many years to do own movie & deep inside I knew I had the ability to do so. I first got together with friend Phil Planta who would later become my production partner.

The film was quickly penned by writer Patrick Wong and with less then a few months of pre-production went to camera in early 2014 on a very tight shoestring budget.

In making Beyond Redemption I also went against conventional wisdom & decided on going with an almost entirely Asian cast.The film had to be shot over the course of a year due to the constantly changing schedules of many of the Actors / Actresses in the film as they were constantly working.



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Brian Ho, who played the lead role, was working on the Netflixx series ‘Marco Polo’. Osric Chau, one of the principles was just coming of the ‘Supernatural’ TV series and working in several films, so we had to often juggle the schedule. The principle photography of the film was finished in early 2015.

Beyond Redemption BTS
Beyond Redemption BTS

The film would make it’s World wide debut at the 2015 Vancouver Asian Film Festival to a packed house! When it came to actually selling the film we the film around and within a month we had interest from over 20 Distributors from the US and Canada, something I am told doesn’t happen often for Canadian low budget independent films.

Beyond Redemption -Rehearsal
Beyond Redemption -Rehearsal

Beyond Redemption would go on to be represented by Well Go USA for a US VOD release in the coming January 2017. In the words of Producer Phil Planta, it was a love letter to Hong Kong; a homage to the films Bruce Fontaine had loved and worked in his younger years on Hong Kong.


Watch “Beyond Redemption” Movie Trailer


Watch Upcoming SuperHero “Tricode” Movie Motion Poster

Beyond Redemption Principle Cast:


Brian Ho

Brian Ho is best known as a stunt performer (‘X-Men’, ‘Marco Polo’ & ‘Power Rangers’) but has expanded into more acting roles, including the lead in the live promo of the popular video game ‘Sleeping Dogs’.

Osric Chau, one of Canada’s biggest rising young Asian actors, has credits that include ‘2012’, ‘Man with the Iron Fist’, ‘What Women Want’, and the TV Show ‘Supernatural.


Linna Huynh, a top five contestant in the ‘2012 Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant’, a finalist in the ‘2014 Miss Hong Kong Beauty Pageant’ and awarded ‘Most Photogenic’ in both, makes her feature film debut. Linna now lives in Hong Kong where she is in the talent development program for Hong Kong TVB.


Eddy Ko is a veteran Hong Kong actor with a career spanning more than four decades. He is known for hit films such as ‘Heroes Shed No Tears’, ‘The Bride with White Hair’,  ‘Lee Rock’ and ‘Lethal Weapon 4.’  Eddy was seen in the recent hit movie ‘The Martian’ starring Matt Damon.

Don Lew

Don Lew is one of Canada’s finest Stuntmen and has worked in hundreds of films. Don was a co-winner of a 2008 World Stunt Awards / Taurus Award for best fight in the movie ‘300’.

Vicky Huang, star of stage, film and TV can be seen in films ‘88 Minutes’ and ‘They Wait’ and TV shows ‘The Tomorrow People,’ ‘Profile for Murder,’ and ‘Shattered’.

Beyond Redemption Special Youtube Guest Cast:

youutube cast


Watch Upcoming SuperHero “Tricode” Movie Motion Poster



Beyond Redemption director


Canadian born Vancouverite Bruce Fontaine got his start in the Film Industry via Hong Kong. Armed only with his martial arts skills, Bruce moved to Hong Kong back in 1988 and immediately went to work as an Action Actor for HK Action film icons like Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Tsui Hark, Corey Yuen and many more. Bruce can be seen in numerous Hong Kong films including Jackie Chan’s hit 1991 film ‘Operation Condor’, the hit film ‘Curry & Pepper’ opposite Stephen Chow (‘Kung Fu Hustle’ & ‘The Mermaid’) & Hong Kong Popstar Jacky Cheung. Returning to Canada in 1996, Bruce expanded his experience into acting, stunts, stunt coordinating, and eventually directing and producing. In Canada he worked in Hollywood films like and eventually directing and producing. In Canada he worked in Hollywood films like ‘I-Robot’, ‘Paycheck’, ‘Fantastic Four’, etc…. He also worked extensively for Electronic Arts for several years as their main Stunt Co-ordinator in their Motion Capture department. His extensive background in martial arts coupled with his many years in the Hong Kong & North American film industries bring a level of skill, energy and in the Hong Kong & North American film industries bring a level of skill, energy and excitement to ‘Beyond Redemption’ never before seen in a Canadian Production.




Phil Planta has done numerous film projects as a DP, editor and producer including most recently the winning short film at the Vancouver Asian Film Festival’s 2013 & 2016 MAMM short film contests. Phil’s education from Vancouver Film School and Focal Point School of Photography has given him a background in photography and multi-media with expertise in 3D Animation/Visual FX. He has worked as a VFX artist for ‘Once Upon a Time’, ‘Falling Skies’, JJ Abrahms ‘Revolution, ‘Twilight – Breaking Dawn – Part 2’, and ‘Red 2’ starring Bruce Willis.






Beyond Redemption Producer


Korean born, Vancouver raised, Theo G. Kim received a Bachelor of Commerce degree in marketing eventually starting his own ticket brokerage firm before joining the Film Production Program at Vancouver Film School to pursue his dream in the film industry. One of the only six students selected to direct a final project film, He graduated at the top of his class and formed TGK Films that has videos watched 20 million times on the internet.







Tony Towe is a Vancouver based actor but has worked in both Canadian productions including featured roles in the CBC production ‘Dragon Boys’ and the Vancouver shot Hong Kong TV series ‘New York Tempest’. Tony is also a successful businessman & is Executive Producer of Beyond Redemption.






Watch Upcoming SuperHero “Tricode” Movie Motion Poster Family  Welcome’s “Bruce Fontaine”  in Indie Film World. All the best for a bright future! May there be success at every turn of life and all your dreams come true!

November 2016 Vancouver Asian Film Festival Press Conference a week prior to the Premiere.

One thing we could say to all new indie filmmakers is that hard work and perseverance pay off, so if this is your passion: never give up, practice and improve, get confident, build a team and following – and never forget that the number one reason you’re doing this is because you love it.Don’t wait. Don’t wait for the money, don’t wait for actors and don’t wait for someone to give you your break. If you have a good script in your hands just choose a reasonable date on your calendar and write “shooting starts” with a bold marker. It could be six months or a year ahead, but just put it in your schedule. This small act will make the whole difference and you’ll be amazed to see how things will start moving forward.


You can Find More information  About Bruce Fontaine:


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Written by Aditya P.

I am a Filmmaker as well as VFX Supervisor. Done VFX Proejcts Globally Now Doing Own Projects.

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