After Arjun Reddy, Shahid Kapoor will be seen in the remake of another South Film Thadam.

अर्जुन रेड्डी के बाद शहीद कपूर एक और साउथ फिल्म थड़म के रीमेक में आएंगे नज़र


Producers Ashwin Varde and Murad Khetani, who reacntly wrapped up the Hindi remake of Arjun Reddy- Kabir Singh with Shahid Kapoor, have taken over the remake rights of anohter Tamil hit Thadam.

The Magizh Thirumeni directed film Thadam starred Arun Vijay, Smruthi Venkat, Tanya Hopen and Vidya Pradeep, became a box office juggernaut after its release earlier this month.

Thadam is a typical whodunnit and has Arun Vijay in dual roles. One of them murders a youngster and the case becomes one of the most controversial stories for the media as well.

The producers’ duo Ashwin Varde and Murad Khetani is also making Satellite Shankar with Sooraj Pancholi.

Nowadays, Bollywood producers are keeping an eye on genuine South blockbuster. Therefore, movies that have real content and are executed well have been selling out like hot cakes.

Meanwhile, shooting has been wrapped up for Kabir Singh. Directed by Sandeep Vanga, who helmed the original too, Kabir Singh features Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Aadvani in the lead. The movie is slated for release on June 21.

The Tamil version of Arjun Reddy, titled Adithya Varma, is being reshot after the producers scrapped the version directed by Bala.



आश्विन वर्दे और मुराद खेतानी ने फिल्म ‘थड़म’ के हिंदी रीमेक के राइट्स खरीद लिए है. वे जल्द ही इसकी कास्टिंग शुरू करेंगे। सूत्रों के मुताबिक मेकर्स ने अभी तक स्टारकास्ट फाइनल नहीं की है.

वे इसके लिए शाहिद कपूर को अप्प्रोच करने वाले है. शाहिद ने हाल ही में ‘कबीर सिंह ‘ की शूटिंग पूरी की है और वे अब ‘थड़म’ के हिंदी रीमेक में नज़र आ सकते है.तमिल सस्पेंस थ्रिलर फिल्म पिछले महीने ही रिलीज़ हुई है,और इस फिल्म को अच्छा रिस्पांस मिला है.

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